Sourced & Salvaged

Tucked away into a quaint underground storefront on Gerrard is another one of Toronto’s furniture gems. Sourced & Salvaged is full of some of the most unique pieces Toronto has to offer. If you’re looking for something with character, a piece that looks as good as the remarkably interesting story behind it, you have to pay Sourced & Salvaged a visit.

Sourced & Salvaged is the brainchild of the talented craftsman Darius Armstrong. Darius founded S & S three years ago and the brand’s cozy home on Gerrard has been open for business for the past two years. Every nook and cranny in Darius’ store has unique pieces we’re sure you can’t find anywhere else. We can’t think of another store where you can find such a wide range of trunks, beautifully restored sewing tables, and one of a kind lighting pieces.

It’s astounding how Darius continually produces reclaimed pieces which show both their character and elegance in tandem.  Asked how he crafts these gems he answered with a smile, “It’s really trial and error. I was intially interested in studying interior design, but heard some pretty negative things. So instead, I rolled up my sleeves and taught myself.” Just when we thought we couldn’t be more impressed, we learned that Darius has a full time job running a restaurant and only does this project on the side.

As we combed through his collection we discovered that the store’s name undoubtedly stems from Darius’ affinity for gorgeously reclaimed pieces. Asked how he delved into this niche Darius responded with “It’s just my style. I’ve always loved pieces I can give another life to. Plus they’re good for the environment, it’s a win-win.”

If you find yourself day dreaming about the life some of these pieces have lived, you’re definitely not alone. Darius only collects “stuff that has bumps and knicks, pieces with a story and character.” Oh and if you bump into a few items don’t worry, in Darius’ words “people bump into stuff pretty often and I tell them not to worry, they’re just adding to part of its history.” 

We strongly recommend that you stop by and give Darius a visit at Sourced & Salvaged. Just make sure you give the store’s website a quick look to check out the operating hours. You can also see some of Darius’ work around Toronto as both eco|stems and Home James Decor feature some of his pieces. Oh and don’t forget, as always you can check out what makes Sourced & Salvaged great over at its Furnex storefront at: