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Sourced & Salvaged

Tucked away into a quaint underground storefront on Gerrard is another one of Toronto’s furniture gems. Sourced & Salvaged is full of some of the most unique pieces Toronto has to offer. If you’re looking for something with character, a piece that looks as good as the remarkably interesting story behind it, you have to pay Sourced & Salvaged a visit.

Sourced & Salvaged is the brainchild of the talented craftsman Darius Armstrong. Darius founded S & S three years ago and the brand’s cozy home on Gerrard has been open for business for the past two years. Every nook and cranny in Darius’ store has unique pieces we’re sure you can’t find anywhere else. We can’t think of another store where you can find such a wide range of trunks, beautifully restored sewing tables, and one of a kind lighting pieces.

It’s astounding how Darius continually produces reclaimed pieces which show both their character and elegance in tandem.  Asked how he crafts these gems he answered with a smile, “It’s really trial and error. I was intially interested in studying interior design, but heard some pretty negative things. So instead, I rolled up my sleeves and taught myself.” Just when we thought we couldn’t be more impressed, we learned that Darius has a full time job running a restaurant and only does this project on the side.

As we combed through his collection we discovered that the store’s name undoubtedly stems from Darius’ affinity for gorgeously reclaimed pieces. Asked how he delved into this niche Darius responded with “It’s just my style. I’ve always loved pieces I can give another life to. Plus they’re good for the environment, it’s a win-win.”

If you find yourself day dreaming about the life some of these pieces have lived, you’re definitely not alone. Darius only collects “stuff that has bumps and knicks, pieces with a story and character.” Oh and if you bump into a few items don’t worry, in Darius’ words “people bump into stuff pretty often and I tell them not to worry, they’re just adding to part of its history.” 

We strongly recommend that you stop by and give Darius a visit at Sourced & Salvaged. Just make sure you give the store’s website a quick look to check out the operating hours. You can also see some of Darius’ work around Toronto as both eco|stems and Home James Decor feature some of his pieces. Oh and don’t forget, as always you can check out what makes Sourced & Salvaged great over at its Furnex storefront at:


Back To The Flea

We are excited to once be back at the Leslieville Flea. The Leslieville Flea was the second flea that we involved with. We start out at a small flea that took place at 1010 Dundas Street West. We then got accepted to join the Leslieville Flea for their second event. With there being so many fleas in the city we took a break to concentrate on our shop but are ready just back on the flea wagon. Please stop by this Sunday. 

A Day In The Woods With eco|stems

Last week we had the pleasure of getting a truck and heading up north with eco|stems in search of new items for the shop as well as getting greenery for our planters.

Love how big and crazy our planters turned out.      

Love how big and crazy our planters turned out.



Fall Vintage Crawl

Last week we were part of the Vintage Crawl if you missed it you missed a great party. We have just received new Edison bulbs and new lighting and will be switching around the shop this week. Stop by soon and see our changes.


Our new summer hours are Tuesday-Friday 5-8 Saturday-Sunday 12-5



We are very excited to be involved with MidnightMRKT happening on Jan 23rd from 9pm until 1 am. Stop by 641 King Street West and here great music, have some great food and shop some great local vendors.


We need to make room for some new things in the studio so we are having a 25% off almost everything. See something on the site or social media send us a message and we will let you know if it's still available. 


Vintage Style Edison Bulbs

Thomas Edison began serious research into developing a practical incandescent lamp in 1878. Edison filed his first patent application for "Improvement In Electric Lights" on 14 October 1878.[28] After many experiments, first with carbon in the early 1880s and then with platinum and other metals, in the end Edison returned to a carbon filament.[29] The first successful test was on 22 October 1879,[30][31] and lasted 13.5 hours. Edison continued to improve this design and by 4 November 1879, filed for a US patent for an electric lamp using "a carbon filament or strip coiled and connected ... to platina contact wires."[32] Although the patent described several ways of creating the carbon filament including using "cotton and linen thread, wood splints, papers coiled in various ways,"[32] Edison and his team later discovered that a carbonized bamboo filament could last more than 1200 hours.[33] In 1880, the Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company steamer, Columbia, became the first application for Edison's incandescent electric lamps (it was also the first ship to execute use of a dynamo).[34][35][36] Columbia sank in a collision with a schooner off California in 1907.

We just love these bulbs we currently have 5 different styles in the store for sale. 

Cabbagetown Festival

We are busy in the shop getting ready for the festival we will not be open in our own shop but will be on Carlton Street in front of Labour of Love. Please stop by and say hello.

Shop is now open!!!!

Our shop has been open for two weeks and we are finally ready to start working on our website again. We have lots of great items to post but can not get to them all and some leave the store soon after we get them in. We are located at 246 Gerrard St East in Toronto. We will be open most night 5 pm until 8 pm. Weekends by chance during the day.

Leslieville Flea December 15th

Our last Flea inside the Jimmy Simpson Center before we move to the Distillery until April. It was a very cold and snowy night to load a truck on the 14th but as always we had fun. The flea was not as busy as usual with everyone trying to dig themselves out after the snow fall. But to anyone who made it out they had a great time.

Leslieville Flea Nov 17th

The Leslieville Flea has moved indoors for the winter. We are now at the Jimmy Simpson Center - 870 Queen Street East. There are tons of great vendors and now they have added food vendors. If you missed the last flea come check out the next on December 15th 10 to 4. See you there.

New Side Tables

We picked up some really great old industrial wood carts at an auction a few weeks ago and have been working on cleaning them up and turning them into great side tables here are a few that we have made already. 

Halloween On Church Street

Here are some shots from the great Halloween block party on Church Street. It rained most of the night but there was still a large turn out. If you have never been you should check it out next year.

The last Junction Flea October 12th

We got to be a part of the last Junction Flea here are pictures of our booth.

PEI Trip

We are currently away in PEI. We are looking for interesting small pieces to bring back with us until we get larger pieces in the spring. Pictures and items to follow.

2nd Booth at Leslieville Flea

We had great day at the Leslieville Flea it was the second time here for us and the third for the flea its self. We had very positive feed back and were happy to go home with a lot less then we showed up with.  We were a hit with the dogs that visited the flea as well, must have been because we had dog cookies. We hope to see you at the next flea. 


We had a booth at Mercer Union today, I was not able to attend until the last hour but Robert and Helena were there to help me out. They met some great people and made some great contacts. We had very positive comments on our booth and products.

Our Site Is Fully Updated

After a week of hard work we have change our site over to eCommerce. Your now able to shop and buy on our site. We have many other itmes that will be added over the next while and are always buying new and excing pieces. Please check back to see as our inventory will always be changing. If there are any pieces your looking for please contact us as we have some really great contacts.